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Amir Montazer
Green Intermediate Lead AST

Bio: Amir is a passionate AST from London UK, He trains in all of the modules of SCA coffee skills program, He has trained many baristas and coffee professionals worldwide over the last 6 years that he has been sharing his knowledge about coffee.

He’s originally a software developer and found his passion for quality coffee when he was drinking 5 cups of coffee a day writing software programs, He then started asking questions about this drink, reading books and taking different courses with the professionals around the world. After a while he started working as a barista just to gain the skills to make a perfect cup of coffee, He loved the details involved in making the perfect cup like a beautiful work of art. 2 years later he started his own coffee school which was one of the first in his country and the first in his hometown, Esfahan, the only place that people could taste specialty coffee, And of course he loved blowing people's mind by teaching them about coffee and make them amazing cups of coffee. Over the period of 3 years that he was actively training in his school he trained over 200 baristas and coffee professionals many of whom are roasters, cuppers, trainers and coffee champions today. He was among the first people who started the speciality coffee movement in his country. He then moved to London in 2016 and continued his coffee career as a freelance AST. He has also been a sensory judge in different coffee competitions worldwide and He’s a WBC certified judge.

It's his second time training in Barista Camp and he loves to get back there and share the knowledge and get to know the amazing coffee community from around the world!