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Blazej Walczykiewicz
Sensory Professional - Assistant AST
Bio: An authorised trainer of Specialty Coffee Association ( AST ) Coffee Skills educational program in a field of Barista Skills, Sensory Skills and Brewing since the beginning of 2017. Certified Speciality Coffee Association Barista, World Coffee Events judge in Barista and Latte art competitions 2014-2018. Education Coordinator at SCA Polish chapter from 2016.

His entire professional life is dedicated to coffee. his coffee way starts back in 2004 when he worked as a barista at the Tchibo cafe. Until 2010, he also worked as a manager and an internal trainer in the local, polish cafe chain. The next three years he gained experience as a sales representative in the Strauss Cafe - most popular coffee producer in Poland. From 2013, he worked for one of the first Polish specialty coffee roasteries – Coffee Proficiency where he constantly cooperated, trained and consulted employees and café owners. Since 2017, he has been creating his own Coffee Support training and consulting company.

For the past ten years, he has been training baristas, café owners, coffee roasters and managers. As a trainer and consultant for the barista competition participants taking part in the prestigious Polish Barista, Latte and Cuptasters Championships, he was successful in helping his proteges gain top ranks each year since 2014.