Frequently Asked Questions


What are the exact dates and times of Barista Camp?

3-6 September 2018. Camp will start on Monday September 3rd around 2pm, with registration already opening from 11am. The end time of the camp on Thursday September 6th depends on the optional certification, and when you are scheduled on. The latest exams will be around 1pm. We will take into account your return flight time for the exam schedule, but please be aware that if you fly before 2pm, you will not be able to take the exam.

Who is Barista Camp for? What level of experience do I need to have?

The educational core of Barista Camp is based on industry standards provided by SCA’s Coffee Skills Program. The tracks are composed of a variety of modules to cater baristas with diverse skill levels and interests. Whether you’ve recently started out as a barista, or have been around for a couple of years, Camp is a unique opportunity to be challenged and to take your skills to the next level. If you are a beginning barista, the combined foundation track is probably your best bet, offering a foundation level in two optional skills. For the other tracks you do need to have some experience as a barista, for example by working in a cafe for at least 6months - or possessing the equivalent in skills and knowledge. Camp is also an exciting opportunity for more experienced baristas, who are interested in getting their certification or looking to specialise in a certain area, We believe the track, focusing on Sensory Intermediate, is the most advanced, but it all depends on your knowledge and previous experience. It is not necessary to have previously entered in the Coffee Skills Program, as we are not offering any Professional level courses. The Intermediate is accessible without having previously attended the Foundation level.

What track should I follow?

We offer 5 different educational tracks at Barista Camp. The different tracks are based on SCA Coffee Skills Program modules. In addition to the courses, there will be group lectures and tastings and exciting social activities. Which track is right for you depends on your experience and your interest. Make sure to have a look at the curriculum of the courses here, so you can choose the right option.

Can I join the Intermediate modules without having done the Foundation?

Yes, the Intermediate is accessible without having previously attended the Foundation level. However, you should possess the skills and knowledge equivalent to the Foundation level in a particular discipline.

How can you maintain the integrity of the Coffee Skills Program by reducing training time and increasing delegate numbers? Is the certificate one can earn in a 4-group training session over two days the same as the certificate someone would earn at Barista Camp?

We've gone to great lengths to ensure that the integrity of the CSP system is maintained. We've taken multiple measures which include working with an AST coordinator, providing a great team of lead and assistant ASTs per module with additional help from volunteers, increasing the teaching time, creating more opportunity for practice, etc. Of course, Barista Camp is not the same than a private 8-delegate training course: the groups are bigger, the pace is faster, the language may be foreign... but the pay-off is participation in a special community of like-minded people who all have a passion for excellent coffee, learning & development. Delegates will work harder than they ever will in a smaller class, trainers will also work harder to deliver the same standards expected of those smaller courses. The biggest difference is the community. Delegates and trainers are all immersed in a very unique collection of passionate coffee professionals and there is shared learning on offer in every direction you turn - not just for 10 hours of a course, but throughout 4 days. To us, the opportunity to earn a CSP certificate at Barista Camp, is worth so much more than anywhere else.

With approximately 175 delegates attending Barista Camp this year, why is BGE taking business away from my own training school?

There are at least three answers to this question:

There are over 400 qualified ASTs in Europe. There are delegates attending from more than 20 countries. Every delegate that gets certified at Barista Camp is then on the path to achieve the Coffee Diploma. Where will they take their next course? Barista Camp is an opportunity to bring people to the training market. Great trainers will always be busy. The cold truth: if you are worried about 3 or 4 baristas (do the math) from your local market not attending your own training school...shouldn't you be curious why? Just because you have your door open doesn't mean people will walk in! The opposite of this is being supportive and enthusiastic about their learning and joining them! "Because after they attend and have the experience of their lives, they will wonder why you were so negative in the first place. (Please note that negative is not the same as cautious and protective)"

What does optional certification mean?

Each of the CSP modules includes an optional certification. This means that you get the opportunity to take an exam (written and practical) at the end of the course, which you will need to pass in order to be certified in that module and receive points towards your Coffee Diploma. At Barista Camp we are offering these certifications for free - the fee is included in your ticket. Please note that you will be able to do the exams of the modules of your selected track only! This opportunity is optional, which means that you do not have to take the exams if you don’t want to (although we strongly suggest you try). The exams will take place on the last day of Camp - Thursday September 6th. Written exams will be in group, whereas you will be given individual times for your practical exam (in smaller groups).

What happens if I don't pass the exams during Barista Camp?

If you do not pass a practical or written exam you will have to retake this exam with the ASTs who taught at Camp, or any of the local ASTs in your country. Any costs associated with this will be at the discretion of the AST. If your AST was a Barista Camp trainer you may be granted an opportunity to retake the exams for free, but we cannot assume or expect ASTs to do so. Ultimately there is an expectation that delegates take responsibility for their own learning during camp and do their best to pass all practical and written exams. This year's Barista Camp has plenty of learning & practise time available for delegates...make the most of it!


What is included in the ticket to Camp?

The ticket includes:

  • Attendance to Barista Camp 2018 at Évora Hotel, Évora, Portugal from September 3-6 2018
  • 3 nights of full-board accommodation in shared rooms
  • Enrollment and certification in one track of SCA Coffee Skills Program modules, depending on your ticket selection. For more information on the modules, please see here. Choice of one of the following tracks:
    • Combined Barista Foundation & Brewing Foundation
    • Barista Intermediate
    • Brewing Intermediate
    • Green Intermediate
    • Sensory Intermediate
  • Access to all workshops, lectures and social activities at Barista Camp

The ticket does not include:

  • Flights to/from Portugal
  • Transfers from the airport to Évora Hotel
  • Alcohol and other personal expenses

How do I get from the airport to Camp?

Évora Hotel is located just outside of Évora about 120km from Lisbon Airport. You can book on to one of our scheduled shuttles when purchasing your event ticket.

Can you send me an invitation letter to obtain my visa?

Yes, we can help you out with an invitation letter and hotel confirmation in order for you to apply for a visa. Please send us an e-mail with the following information: name as on passport, passport no, nationality and company you work for.

Will you send tickets by e-mail or post?

We will not send out any virtual or physical tickets. The QR-code on the confirmation e-mail sent to you upon buying a ticket is your proof. If you purchase tickets for someone else, make sure to assign them to the correct attendee through the ticket registration.

I bought a ticket but now can't attend anymore. Can I get a refund?

All ticket sales for Barista Camp are subject to the following cancellation policy:

  • A 100% refund of the received ticket fee until 2 months prior to the event start date (4 June 2018).
  • A 75% refund of the received ticket fee until 1 month prior to the event start date (3 August 2018).
  • After this date no refund is possible. No exceptions.
  • Transferring your ticket to another person is possible via the reassign feature on your ticket


Can I stay with my friend/partner in one room?

Yes, given that each of you holds a valid ticket to Camp. Shared accommodation is in double or triple rooms. Beds may be double or twins and will be assigned on a first come, first serve base. We will endeavour to create same gender rooms unless you've given us a roommate preference. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, but they cannot be guaranteed.

Do you have single rooms?

Due to the limited capacity at Évora Hotel, a limited number of single rooms are available at an additional cost. To purchase a ticket with a single room head over here. [INSERT TICKET PAGE LINK]

Can I stay at the hotel before/after Barista Camp?

Yes, we’ve been able to secure a discount rate at the hotel. Included in your ticket are the nights of 3rd, 4th and 5th September. If you would like to book extra nights before or after Camp, please book via the ticket page here. [INSERT TICKET PAGE LINK] Please do not contact the hotel directly.

The following rates apply — prices are per night, per room:

Single Room: bed&breakfast €80 Double Room: bed&breakfast €100

Can I bring a friend/partner who will not be attending Barista Camp?

Unfortunately spaces are reserved exclusively for Barista Camp attendees. We believe Barista Camp is an experience you share with other attendees, from breakfast until bedtime. There will be classes and lectures throughout the day, and activities in the evening.

I have special dietary needs. Will you cater for me?

Yes, we will try our best to cater for you. As most of our meals will be buffet style, we will make sure there are options for specific diets as well. Please indicate your preference in the questionnaire upon ticket registration.


Are you still looking for volunteers? How do I apply?

Yes. Volunteer applications are open until June 18. Please apply here.

What are the requirements for volunteers?

Volunteering is a great opportunity to be involved in Barista Camp, and we couldn’t do it without you. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about applying to volunteer:

You need to pay your airfare to Portugal - we'll communicate which airport is best. You need to be available throughout the whole camp, including set-up and break down. This means you have to be at the venue no later than September 2nd at 14h and need to stay until September 6th in the afternoon. You will work in a team of volunteers and will have to work hard over long days. There is a lot of work to be done before and after the event: from the setting up of the whole event, building the espresso stations, cupping areas, preparing attendee materials - over cleaning, doing dishes and breaking down and packing up everything afterwards. During the event we will assign you to a specific area or module, where you will be responsible for the smooth running of the activity. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more and assist in the practical training of the CSP modules. We will try our best to give you some free time to attend a lecture, and of course to participate in the social part of the Camp! You cannot enrol in any of the educational tracks nor get certified in any of the CSP modules.

What is covered in the volunteer benefit package?

You are rewarded with free ticket to Camp, and you get to hang out with and learn from some of the most interesting and knowledgeable coffee people from around Europe. The volunteer benefit package includes the following:

  • 4 nights of accommodation in shared rooms: 2-6 September (extra nights can be booked at the discount rates above)
  • transport to and from Portugal airport
  • full board meals as per schedule


How can I support/sponsor Barista Camp?

We could not organise Barista Camp without the wonderful support of our partners. Please have a look at our Partnership page, or contact us directly via to inquire about opportunities.



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