Josiana Bernades
Sensory Intermediate Lead AST 

Bio: Josiana Bernardes works in the area of food technology and nutrition where she has developed research on food quality and consumption. Josiana has worked in different fields including ISO quality in food, lactic fermentation, organic wine; chocolate and quality control in drinking water with mass spectrometry.
Josiana then went to work as a marketing manager in the import and export of specialty coffees for Europe and since 2012 she has worked exclusively with coffee, becoming an AST for all five modules.

The Founder of Idcoffeelab in 2016, Josiana now works exclusively as an AST and coffee quality consultant.
Her passion and respect for coffee comes from her family roots in Minas gerais Brazil.

I love teaching and learning In the community of special coffees, there is an open world in which we can exchange knowledge every day. I also like to be the bridge between the reality in the field of coffee production to the baristas.