Lara Hunter-Rodwell
Brewing Intermediate - Assistant AST

Bio: Lara is The Training manager for Bewleys UK, where she looks after a team of trainers.
Having worked in the coffee industry for 15 years, Lara started her coffee career back in 2003 in Australia working in a number of specialty coffee shops before returning to London in 2012.

Lara has been an AST since 2016 in both Brewing and Barista, finally receiving her coffee diploma last year after taking the final course needed at Barista Camp 2017.

She is actively involved with the SCA, whether its judging national comps like Brewer's cup or CIGS, or in the form of coaching competitors for UKBC and other SCA competitions.

This will be my second Barista Camp, and I'm really looking forward to returning this year as an AST, and to catching up with old coffee friends and making some new ones.