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Manuela Fensore
Lead - Latte Art
Manuela Fensore, born in Alessandria on the 30th September, 1990, started her coffee journey at the age of 16 when she took her first job as a barista. After a few years, she moved to Milan where she had the chance to carry out her first course based on latte art at the Barlady Cafe 'Academy along with Carmen Clemente who will later become her partner.

After a few months of working in Milan, together with her partner, she decided to take a course with Luigi Lupi who is known as, the pope of latte art!

Right from the start, Luigi Lupi, noted her skills and advised her to insist on the discipline because she could develop great skills.

Manuela does not repeat it twice, and so she trains improving day by day.

In April 2017 she won her first race organized by Faema, succeeding in beating veterans of the sector.

In the same year she decided to participate in the selections of the 2018 Italian championships and even here she manages to stand out by taking home the access to the finals for 2018!

In January 2018 Manuela wins her first Italian title! This victory gives her access to her first World Championships in Brazil where she placed 12th.

In January 2019, eager for redemption, she is back at the Italian championships where she manages to win the Italian title for the second consecutive time and where she gets the trophy for the best art in the whole competition!

In June 2019 came the chance to redeem herself by participating for the second time in the world competitions, this time held in Berlin.

Manuela organizes an all-female team formed by the Italian multi-champion Chiara Bergonzi vice world champion and a very well-known figure in the world of coffee, Carmen Clemente, partner and supporter, and Mary Mauro as mental coach! A quartet that has defeated everything and everyone!

Manuela manages to win the World Latte Art Champion title!

A final consisting of 6 people including 5 Asian men and Manuela was the only European woman present!

A satisfaction that pays for two and a half years of non-stop work!

Currently holds the only gold milk in the world of the latte art grading system circuit!

Manuela Fensore is the owner, together with her partner Carmen Clemente, of the Barlady Cafe 'Academy, a school based on the theoretical education and practice of Latte Art!