Panos Konstantinopoulos
Green Intermediate - Lead AST
Bio: Panos (born in Patras, Greece in 1976) started his professional career as a Civil Engineer and worked in the construction sector for more than ten years. His love for coffee took over when he designed a coffee shop for Coffee Island back in 2010. Today, after joining Coffee Island in 2012, he is the R&D and Network Operation Director, leading a team of 52 coffee professionals. His responsibilities include the training and operation of the 420 coffee shops of the Coffee Island network, as well as the selection of all the specialty coffees that Coffee Island roasts (≈1500 tons in 2018).
He is an active AST and has trained more than 2500 coffee professionals. In 2014 he was awarded by SCAE concerning his trainings. He is a Q-Grader and a leading member of Coffee Island’s cupping panel.
Panos is an active member of SCA, a member of the SCA Education Advisory Board, a member of the CSP Creators Group, an active member of the Barista Guild of Europe and a National WCE Judge.