Barista Camp: your direct connection to cafe owners and decision makers in the European coffee scene.
Barista Camp is BG’s key event for the European barista community, presenting a unique opportunity to develop and learn in a setting that promotes education, sharing ideas, new experiences, and being part of a wider community. Every year, the event attracts around 200 baristas for four coffee-fuelled days of education, discussion, tastings and fun.

Unlike any other event, Barista Camp is a truly unique opportunity to develop strong and ongoing relationships with both the leaders of today and tomorrow. Barista Camp partners get a unique access to a team of talented and experienced trainers, as well as a selection of truly inspiring, thought-provoking speakers who are able to provide feedback so you can perfect your product. In addition, cafes and retailers send their managers or top baristas —who often have a strong purchasing or decision-making power— to Camp to enhance their skills, connect with the community and develop business relationships.

The Barista Camp program centers around hands-on training and enhancing practical skills, be it on espresso or brewing or sensory skills. As a sponsor, you facilitate these training activities to happen with your equipment, products and coffee. On top of the training, the program includes dedicated time for sponsorship interaction and feedback: an opportunity to talk about your products as well as to answer questions directly from the people using it on a daily basis or considering a purchase.

Align your brand with a movement towards a professional barista community.
BG’s mission centres around two pillars: professionalism and community. We realise how important it is in a barista’s development to feel connected and supported. All of our activities focus on offering high-quality education and fostering community by encouraging genuine dialogue, engagement and understanding between baristas. Through partnering with BG, you create a direct connection between your brand and these values, and support baristas in their efforts towards a stronger and more professional community.

 Educating baristas = creating value all the way through the coffee chain    
We believe education is the key to unlocking value and making great coffee, and genuinely sustainable coffee, available worldwide. Unlike any other professional in our industry, the barista is the voice to the end consumers who have the power to change the future of specialty coffee. By spreading structured learning and industry standards, as well as creating opportunities for professional development and dialogue, we strengthen the barista profession. By elevating their voice with the help of your partnership, you are able to initiate change, educate consumers, expand the market and ultimately add value all the way through the speciality coffee chain. Creating growth that benefits your brand as well as our industry. 

Forging strong and direct relationships
Our activities are aimed at bringing baristas together. Your connection with BGE gives you unique opportunities to engage with hundreds of coffee professionals, making personal connections and building an extensive network of business relationships. Whether at our Barista Camp or CoLabs —great opportunities for direct interaction and feedback— or through our online community and social media reach, you develop strong relationships with the influencers of specialty coffee. BGE attracts baristas, from newbies to veterans, as well as cafe owners and retailers with a strong interest in quality and moving our industry forward. BGE is your window to their world, their opinions, and purchasing decisions. 

We have a wide range of partnership opportunities available, and are confident we have a package that is exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to get in touch via to discuss how BG can play a part in your marketing strategy.