Pete Southern
Founder of Clockwork Espresso

Pete began working in coffee in Melbourne in 2009. When he returned to the UK, he bought a mobile coffee bar which he ran while at Durham University, and then later while also working at a company which made DNA testing machines. He's the founder of Clockwork Espresso and inventor of the PUSH Tamper, a product which won the SCA Excellence Award for Innovation in 2016. A self-professed nerd and lover of all things technical and/or coffee related.

Why Tamping Can Be A Pain: Barista Ergonomics & The Science Of Coffee Tamping.
Repetitive strain injuries and channeled shots are common downsides to life as a barista. Pete will guide us through research into whether posture and risk of injury could be related to tamping method and tamper design, and why the science of tamping coffee is more complex than it first seems. With a nod to coffee bar ergonomics this talk is for anyone who wants to improve their daily barista grind.