Keynote Speaker

Simon Woolf.png

Simon J Woolf

Keynote Speaker - Natural Wine



Manuela Fensore

Lead - Latte Art


Michalis Dimitrakopoulos

Lead - Seasonal Cold Brew Beverages
Greek Freddo Demonstration


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Lead - Water Chemistry

George Makropoulos.png

George Makropoulos

Lead - Terroir


Kasim Ali

Lead - Foundation of Tea


Paolo Portalupi

Lead - Dissecting The Espresso Machine


Stavros Lamprindis

Cezve Ibrik Demonstration



Meet the Trainers

The education core of this year’s Barista Camp is taught by this amazing group of Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs)

Trish Ferguson.png

Trish Ferguson

Lead AST - Barista Intermediate

Dayana Coppini.png

Dayana Coppini

Assistant AST - Barista Intermediate

Angelo Sportelli.png

Angelo Sportelli

Assistant AST - Barista Intermediate

Cadence Sim.png

Cadence Sim

Lead AST - Brewing Intermediate

Rose Nicholson.png

Rose Nicholson

Assistant AST - Brewing Intermediate

Thomas Ameloot.png

Thomas Ameloot

Lead AST - Sensory Professional

αρχείο λήψης.png

Giorgos Alaniadis

Assistant AST - Sensory Professional

Blazej Walczykiewicz.png

Blazej Walczykiewicz

Assistant AST - Sensory Professional


Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos

Lead AST Green Intermediate

Leonardo Santetti.png

Leonardo Santetti

Assistant AST - Green Intermediate