Applications are now closed. 

Volunteering is a great way to be involved in the Barista Camp, being part of the crew and closely interacting with the organisers, trainers and attendees. Whether you are a coffee veteran or novice, there are available spots for everyone to gain experience, share your skills and build relationships within an international community. Opportunities include setting up cuppings, preparing classrooms, cleaning espresso and brewing equipment, assisting the ASTs with the training sessions, helping with social activities, etc.

As a volunteer you need to pay your transport to Camp, and you need to be available throughout the whole camp, from September 2nd 2pm until September 6th 5pm. Note that there is no option to enrol in any of the educational tracks, and you will have to work long days. Expect to pack and unpack a lot of equipment, wash loads of cups, clean up, etc.

You are rewarded for your hard work with a free ticket to Camp, including accommodation and food. As a bonus, you get to hang out with and learn from some of the most interesting and knowledgeable coffee people from around Europe.

The deadline for volunteer applications is June 25. Applications will be reviewed by BGE's Event and Volunteer Coordinator and Hannah Davies, Event Manager. After signing up, we will send approval notifications along with further instructions. Please note that we cannot guarantee a spot for everyone. While we intend to have volunteer roles confirmed by July 6, it may take longer to lock-down your spot depending on volunteer interest. If you want to be absolutely sure to attend Camp, you should consider buying a ticket.